3 Ways to Start Entrepreneurial Development through Student Union

Student union or in Bahasa Indonesia called as “Koperasi Siswa” is one of student organization that already exists in almost every school. The function is as a business unit that provides several student and school need. However, the operation is lack of student involvement. Most of student union in the school is dominate and fully managed by school and less participation from student. Actually, the student union can be a strategic place to learn entrepreneurship, especially for student. Besides that, the market potential in the school is very prospective and promising because the market size is big. There are so many things can be sold in the school such as stationery, uniform, photocopy service, accessories and school’s merchandise, food, snack, etc. Thus, the opportunity could use for generate great experience in order to develop entrepreneur skill. There are some ways to enhance student union as a beginning of entrepreneurial development. The first way is to give access for student to manage student union. Involve student to the operation of student union. School management is only act as a controller and facilitator, they can’t dominate or monopolize. Student could have a place and chance to start enhance their skill to manage business in student union. Student union can’t be stand just as an organization or inactive place but it has to be activity here. They should be able to catch opportunity and then transform it to profitable activity or business. For example, they can take benefit from good moment such as new student admission, graduation and other school event. They could think to provide something that suitable and fulfill the need in that moment. The second way is build community or student union center that gathers all student union in every school. The aim is to share the development of student union in each school, gain network and make cooperation to held event and competition. The big hope is there will be something great created from here. Like what Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. The third way is the most critical things for entrepreneurial development in student union which is coaching, especially from external organization. The student union can’t run without coaching because they should know what they have to do and how to make it works. They are still new in world of entrepreneurial and lack of experience on it. Here is the time to teach entrepreneurship to young generation, through student union. Entrepreneur network or entrepreneur developer such as Mekar can participate to give education, training and seminar to help student union developed. It is better for young generation to know about entrepreneurship directly from the expert since they are student. All that way remembering the following famous Sampoerna Foundation tagline “Together We Make Difference”. The cooperation of school, student union, community, external entrepreneur network and all of part that support entrepreneurial development is needed. Hopefully, those 3 ways can “reborn” student union that can teach entrepreneurship to young generation as part of entrepreneurial development. That’s all about a piece of ways that can contribute to start entrepreneurial development.

Anis Thoha Manshur

Sampoerna School of Business

Management – Marketing 2010


2 Responses to 3 Ways to Start Entrepreneurial Development through Student Union

  1. irfans Saleh says:

    However, the condition is different in SSB. The advantages of become “The Begin” is we can do everything we want as long as good for the students.

  2. Brianna says:

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