Study Case Live Nation

Live nation is company that focused on concert promoter, event and party organizer. Their product or service is not only held a concert but also sell the ticket via online to the customer. They merged with ticket sales and distributor company, Ticket Master which help to operate ticket selling. Live nation also sell music and artist merchandise like T-shirt, jacket, etc. The market orientation of Live nation are

–          Partnering with artist’s agent or music manager to make artist’s contract,

–          Gives information about event to customer

–          Fulfill customer passion in entertainment needed by held a live concert or event and connect fan to their favorite artist and

Based on the product definition and market orientation, Live nation mission is: “Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment and ecommerce company”, according that has state in their website

The strategy of Live nation is product development, they not only focus as concert promoter but also run other business like sell ticket, music and artist merchandise. They also wider their markets over the world by make relation with many company in a country. So there are partner that help them to enter the new market such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concert, Front Line Management Group and Live Nation Network.

In order to create customer value, there is several Live Nation strategies:

–          Live nation segmented their concert / event based on many categories music like pop, rock, jazz, etc. So, it will make easier to customer find their favorite music or artist. Live nation know that customer passion in music is different.

–          Live nation partnering with strategic partner like ticket master and other company. It enables to complete or support their business, for example the ecommerce website that makes customer easily to get ticket and buy music and artist merchandise.

Anis Thoha Manshur

Sampoerna School of Business

Management – Marketing 2010

About anisthoha
I am visionary entrepreneur and eager marketer

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  1. can you please make an article just like this, but the study case is Radian6…?

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