The Differentiation between Blackberry and Regular Smartphone

Have you ever see a long queue of people who want to buy new Blackberry? It happens in Indonesia about two weeks ago when the new Blackberry called Bellagio 9790 a.k.a. Onyx 3 was launched at Pasific Place Jakarta. Why people willing to queue for its Blackberry rather than buy regular smartphone. Recently, smartphone become one of people’s primary needs, not only for communication but also for access the internet. Blackberry is kind of smartphone that different with regular smartphone. There are several differences and similarities between Blackberry and regular smartphone.

                Both Blackberry and regular smartphone has same ability to connect to internet. However, the way Blackberry connects to internet is different with regular smartphone. Blackberry user should subscribe data plan regularly in order to connect to Blackberry Access Point while regular smartphone doesn’t necessary ask the user to subscribe data plan. The benefit of subscribe data plan for Blackberry user is to enjoy Blackberry service such as Blackberry Messenger, Email client and browsing using Blackberry Access Point. Blackberry are similar to regular smartphone in availability connect to internet using regular balance but it can’t enjoy the Blackberry service.

                In terms of handling email, Blackberry is one step ahead compared to regular smartphone. The email client of Blackberry is more sophisticated and faster compared with regular smartphone since Blackberry had its own Access Point or Network Server. Every email that using Blackberry email client will transit, stay and compressed in Blackberry Network server. The Blackberry network server and internet connectivity on Blackberry are always turning on, so that the new email arrives faster. Actually, regular smartphone email client is the same as Blackberry, but it little bit slower to receive new email because the interval to check for new email is longer than Blackberry ones.

                Almost all messenger service such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and ICQ can run by Blackberry and regular smartphone. One messenger service that different is Blackberry Messenger while regular smartphone can’t access to it. Blackberry Messenger is one of key features of Blackberry. It is exclusive messenger for Blackberry user that enables for chatting; make group discussion; sends picture and video among Blackberry user.

                Blackberry has International Mobile Equipment Identity Number (IMEI); likewise, regular smartphone which has IMEI number also. Nevertheless, Blackberry has eight digits unique number identity called PIN that only found in Blackberry device. The Blackberry PIN is used as ID for using Blackberry Messenger.

                Either Blackberry or regular smartphone’s battery is drain fast because mostly use for access internet and run many applications. Although, the battery capacity is high, the battery drains fast because the consumption for workload is high too. Moreover, Blackberry battery is drain faster than regular smartphone because it always connects to internet and Blackberry Access Point every time the device on.

                In conclusion, Blackberry and regular smartphone have similar basic features and ability to mobile. Keep in mind, Blackberry key differentiation and features compared to regular smartphone is the way connects to internet, faster email client and Blackberry messenger. That key feature is the reason why people purchase Blackberry.

Anis Thoha Manshur

Sampoerna School of Business

Management – Marketing 2010

About anisthoha
I am visionary entrepreneur and eager marketer

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