Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar is one of the best goods for investment. It is because the prices of gold bar always grow up as the time goes by.  Dinar dirham is also good thing for infestation because it contains the elements of gold. But in Islam religion dinar dirham is prohibited for stockpiled because dinar dirham is buying and selling tools. In this case gold is more recommended if you want to hoard something for investment. Gold Bar and dinar dirham have advantages and disadvantages.

Gold Bar:

  • Very liquid, it means if you need money you just sell this thing to bank or gold store
  • Tax not applied for gold bar
  • If you sell it, you will get profit because the prices always go up
  • It cannot sell separately. For example if you have 250gr gold bar you must sell it at all
  • Safe deposit box was needed because the risk of being stolen
  • Need long time save for get high profit
  • Portable
  • Durable for any condition.

Dinar Dirham

  • High prices of sell in fellow community
  • Have propaganda value in Islam since use it is part of Islamic but you prohibited stockpiling it.
  • Not to liquid because sometimes you cannot sell it to the gold store or bank
  • Tax applied for this thing because it considered like jewelry in some country
  • Portable
  • High production cost
  • Easy to buy and sell in small fragments according to need
  • Price will be reduced if rubbed or bumped

Now you already know what is the advantages and disadvantages between the gold bar and dinar dirham. But If you want to invest, it’s all based on what you need and how much your budget for your investment. Remember, the prices of gold element always go up because the supply of gold will be reduced in this world since gold is natural research which cannot be produced by human.

Dimas Burhanuddin Achmad

Sampoerna School of Business

Management 2011

About dimasachmad
Me is just ordinary person like others who always love ALLAH SWT and my family| Student at Sampoerna School of Business.

4 Responses to Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

  1. irfans Saleh says:

    To understand deeper about Dinar Dirham please visit,, and don’t forget to read Euforia Emas by Zaim Saidi.

  2. dimasachmad says:

    thanks for your advice…:)

    and also if you are visitors from Indonesia and want to buy some gold bar and dinar dirham, just visit for more information…:)

  3. I do agree with Irfan Saleh, for the brief of book review of Euforia Emas by Zai Saidi, you could access it on

    Have a good read. 🙂

  4. Golden Rule: Whoever owns the gold, makes the rule. (Ashrav Ismail, 1433 Hijri)

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