Applications of Linear Equations

Learn procedures for solving applied problems.

 Procedure for Solving Applied Problems

Step 1  Read the problem as many times as needed to understand it thoroughly. Pay close attention to the questions asked to help identify the quantity the variable should represent.

Step 2  Assign a variable to represent the quantity you are looking for, and, when necessary, express all other unknown quantities in terms of this variable. Frequently, it is helpful to draw a diagram to illustrate the problem or to set up a table to organize the information.

Step 3  Write an equation that describes the situation.

Step 4  Solve the equation.

Step 5  Answer the question asked in the problem.

Step 6  Check the answer against the description of the original problem (not just the equation solved in step 4).


Tyrick invests $15,000, some in stocks and the rest in bonds. If he invests twice as much in stocks as he does in bonds, how much does he invest in each?


Step 1

Let x = the amount invested in stocks. The rest of the $15,000 investment ($15,000 – x) is invested in bonds. We have one more important piece of information to use:

Step 2.

Amount invested in stocks, x = Twice the amount invested in bonds, 15,000 –x

Step 3.

x=2(15,000-x) Replace the verbal description with algebraic expressions.

Step 4.

x= 30,000-2x  Distributive property

3x=30,000  Add 2x to both sides.

x=10,000  Divide both sides by 3.

Step 5

Tyrick invests $10,000 in stocks and $15,000 – $10,000 = $5000 in bonds.

Step 6

Tyrick’s total investment is $10,000 + $5000 = $15,000, and $10,000 (stocks) is twice $5,000 (bonds).

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