Indonesia Makes Change Through Entrepreneurship

Indonesia makes change through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurships are a word that always refers to person who has his/her own business. However, entrepreneurships are more than that. Entrepreneurship is a spirit that every entrepreneur has, which is the spirit to make something new or something different with other people and the spirit that entrepreneur has in order to develop not only for them personally but also for others. Every entrepreneur believes that he or she can stand by their own shoes and they believe that what are they doing will give big contribution for the society and for Republic of Indonesia. This essay will discuss why entrepreneurships is very important for Indonesia in the future, the environment that Indonesia has towards entrepreneurships, benefits and challenges that are facing by Indonesian young entrepreneurs, and the possible solutions to make the young entrepreneurs more successful.

Entrepreneurship is very important for Indonesia in the future. Imagine if in the future only few people become entrepreneurs, whereas there is only little opportunity job, as a result Indonesia will face big problems which are poverty increase, criminality increase, and no single person will believe the government because they claim to government that they cannot organize the country well. So, through entrepreneurships Indonesian will be stimulated to become entrepreneurs who can create jobs and also contribute to the nation together as one with the government to solve the problems that Indonesia has. As the result it will increase economy growth, income equalization among the citizen or in other words reduce gap between the rich and the poor, and Indonesia will not dependent to the others country, it means Indonesia will not easily affected by others countries conditions. Entrepreneurship is a solution to make Indonesia better.

Indonesia has good environment to develop entrepreneurships, entrepreneurship is fully supported by the government and the private. In fact, nowadays so many entrepreneurship programs that are running by the government such as PNPM Mandiri, Gerakan Tunas Kewirausahaan Nasional by Kementrian Koperasi and Usaha Kecil Menengah, and so on. Furthermore, entrepreneurship also is fully supported by the private. Today there are a lot of foundations that aim to help and build Indonesia to be better especially in education sector, economy sector, even in women empowerment sector. One of the foundations is Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF). PSF has two divisions that concern to strengthen Indonesian economic such as Mekar Entrepreneur Network that unites between entrepreneurs with investors to get investment and Sampoerna Micro Finance. Big opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business in Indonesia because all parties in Indonesia very support it. However, so many entrepreneurs failed in the middle of their business; it caused of lack of skill, experience and relationships that entrepreneurs have. To solve this condition both of the government and privates parties are cooperating together as one to find the best solution for Indonesia.

There are so many benefits that young entrepreneur are enjoying and also there are more challenges that young entrepreneur are facing know. The benefits are big opportunity to develop their business because all parties in Indonesia such as government, foundations, and companies through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs are trying to encourage the entrepreneurs who can create the jobs and create the sustain business, there are a lot of potential from Indonesia that have not yet utilize well such as tourism sectors and agriculture sectors. Moreover, the challenges that young entrepreneurs have is bigger than the benefits such as high competition with others companies/brands that they should face especially from companies/brands that already worldwide and have good positioning in customers mind, Indonesian young entrepreneurs have lack of communication skills for example only few young Indonesian entrepreneur who can speak English, so as the results they will have big problems when free trade in South East Asian (AFTA) begins because they cannot utilize the opportunity when AFTA is happening even they will be defeated because of the competition from foreigners who come to Indonesia and the last is they have to deals with the competitors that offers the same products; entrepreneurs should innovative in order to expand and keep the market that they are having currently. Those factors should be thought by the entrepreneurs carefully, how to utilize the benefits and how to win the challenges.

In order to solve the challenges there are two possible solutions that very easy to apply. The first possible solutions is apply entrepreneurship program into the education curriculum that school and college have. However, please notice that, not only apply entrepreneurship to the curriculum as a theory in the class but also both of school and college should help students to build and keep their business because start business after graduate from the school or college is too late. For example, when a college has an event that needs merchandise they should order it from the students who have merchandise business so as a result the students’ business always sustain. Another possible solution is private sectors should directly cooperate with the students through students club in the schools or colleges to stimulate entrepreneurship for the students and private parties should become a mentor for students to build the business and partners to run students’ business. For example, Mekar (one of PSF divison) is cooperating with Sampoerna School of Business students through students club that is called Business Club. The cooperation aims to guide them to build the business and partner in business together as one have the same vision to strengthen Indonesia economy through entrepreneurships.

To sum up, there are a lot of opportunity that Indonesia has to develop business because all Indonesia very support entrepreneurships as the solution to solve the problems that Indonesia has and there is two simple possible solutions that will change Indonesia to be better in the future.

Irfan Saleh 

Sampoerna School of Business

Management – Marketing 2010

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  1. anisthoha says:

    Good analysis, hopefully Indonesia will have more entrepreneur generation to boost economic growth

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