Avoiding The Risks of Investment

In the future, it may happen when the global economic be uncertain things. It will go down, even go up. Most people want to have secure conditions, especially in finance circumstances. Additionally, the investment can be the only answer. There are many investments in now time which can choose. It is available in any methods, such as insurance, gold, ground, or stock to obtain more profit with more risks.

When talking about investment, there are still challenges called risks which come around it every time. For amateur, the most avoiding one is the offers that is unclear. Nowadays, these monkey businesses must be injuring if people haven’t ready yet to overcome the risks. So, here these are the things must be done when choose the investment.

Trader from Harvest International Futures, Tony Mariano, appealing people to choose a smart investment product. One of the way is by recognizing the risk. If people know the risks well, they will tend to pay attention. There is always kind of investment with different risk. One important case to do is to ensure having your appropriate abilities with the risk you can get when you take the investment. Be conservative and avoiding aggressiveness if there is still some stability. Knowing further about the investments world is a must. The processes can be by learning and understanding the mechanism of how to do it. Just remember, the risks always can be decreased.

Secondly, be sure that you choose a trusted investment. Maybe the companies you choose is a registered as a legal one, but it still doesn’t give you guarantee that you choose a right company. Be careful for the things might happen.

Then, the basic thing must be known is about learn and learn. Investment world is a dynamic. Sometimes it grows positively, but sometimes, it goes down specifically. Keeping sure that you always follow the growth of it. You can go for it by websites, or electronic media. Get the references if you do not want to make mistakes and then get a failure.

Indeed, if you realize all of those things, it doesn’t give a super security for getting the risks. There are still probabilities to fall down with the bad reality. At least, you should save your money in the kitty if you don’t want to get any risks with no interest and profit.

 Prinda Eryana Herman

Sampoerna School of Business

Accounting 2011


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2 Responses to Avoiding The Risks of Investment

  1. aady says:

    cOOl website ……. Any risks to invest your money to buy stocks or bonds. ??

  2. Good article, i agree that investment is volatile so we must be smart to decide our decision.

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