Efficiency in Business

Based on the words itself, efficiency  is a measure of the success achieved in the performance of a task. (see: http://thesaurus.com/browse/efficiency)

It has the same meaning with leverage, while leverage is comes from the word lever. Which is in the ancient french it means make something lighter. In the reality, this meaning has covered the efficiency word also.

Using particular ways, a quite hard job could be even easier with a brief time, and no need an extra power.

In business, efficiency is a must. Efficiency is all the things that we need to concern in business. Concern in  reducing the cost of production and increasing the profit.

Below is one of the company that has been succeed in applying efficiency in their business strategy.

In August 1988, Atlanta, there was a chemical store- Asa Chandler. They spent $2300 to get the patent-right of a carbonate water. It was a big hit, until the next decade every chemical store in the south part of United States provides their stores with a tavern.

In this tavern, costumer could sit down and enjoy one glass of carbonate water with only 5 cent. With this good responses from the costumer, Chandler has decided something important that is related with the company in the future.

One of Chandler’s friend offers a really good suggestion that can make his company even bigger. Without thinking further more, Candler accepted this idea (After give big royalties to his friend, for sure). Chandler’s company has grow from a regional standard company to an international standard company.

And did you know, what his friend suggest him? Just bottled it.

Later, the carbonated-water from Chandlers known as Coca Cola.

Summarized from: Copycat Marketing 101 Books by Burke Hedges

Marina Saraswati

Sampoerna School of Business

Management 2011


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