Everyone wants to get a good financial in all aspects, especially in family needs. They want asset growing up and came into a legacy to children. The only way is how to manage family wealth maximally. We also ever have known a story about a figure of rich family where it is on the top of career with a galore wealth. However, in the rest of life the family starts to lose its wealth, even has to borrow money to the colleagues for the family head’s health.

                The cut of story above reveals how important managing wealth is. Everything is needed management to get maximal result or income. There will be review that is taken from Emerald (Premium magazine for BNI Emerald Customers) by Safir  Senduk, a consultant/expert of Money Planner.


                First step that is important to know is amount of assets. The easiest way to know it is by counting it periodically. It can be each three months, a half of the year, or once a year. It is like Medical Check-Up. Without periodically check-up, we never know the condition of liver, kidney or heart. Like health, financial is needed periodically check up, too. Financial Check-Up aims to appraise the amount of our assets, such as type and value. Assets which counted like house, vehicle (motorcycle, car and so forth), saving (deposit, reksadana and so forth), or jewelry (gold, diamond and so forth). After that, make a list of liability, such as house credit, credit card, insurance premium and so forth. The total of assets is deducted with the liability and we will find net asset value. This count is done routine to know the condition of assets, increase or decrease. The net asset value can be used to determine the next goal of financial.


                After knowing net asset value, the next step is determining priority based on family needs, such as school for children, buy a car or house, and even invest. It aims to avoid misapplication of money and keep in focus. Making schedule for financial is like investing. You need to determine your Risk Profile. It is Risk Averse or Risk Lover.  You have limited amount of money and as beginner, it will be better to take Risk Averse.

                After setting the goal, you have to do it discipline. You should avoid spending money for unimportant need, because it just wastes you money without any real advantages. Don’t spend your money to buy need which outside your financial condition, because it can broke the others plan of financial. Maximize your fund and make priority for important needs, such as education, health, daily meal and so forth. The rest of that, you can spend it for hobby. In addition, the hobby which can add financial or assets, you are preferred to continue or grow it.


                For you that have a strong financial basis, it will be better to maximize the growth of assets. The most common choice is by taking deposit. Although, this conservative portfolio gives you more save, it gives you less advantages or interest. In addition, inflation will take your interest and you get nothing. To avoid it and get more progress, you can take diversification in more progressive sector, such as investment or reksadana. However, it cannot be more than 30% of total asset.

                Make use your free assets, for example you have more than a house. It will lose your money if you just let it empty. You must pay tax and then you have to spend much money for treatment which is expensive. If you lease your house, it will not happen because someone who lease from you will pay them all. Another example, if you have wide land. It will be a good chance to take more income. You can plant it by many kinds of crops.

                So, the key success of managing wealth is Count Asset periodically, Determine Priority is right in placing fund to the right product of investment, and Maximize Asset. If these steps are done cleverly and precisely, the condition of your family wealth is going to be healthy.

Ema  Rosyidah Ansori


Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia


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