Power of Positive Intelligence

Nowadays, many people who are in depression condition caused of many reasons in their family, work, business, even daily life. It might be because the pressure of work or many deadlines they have to accomplish at certain times. In addition, competition among colleagues or close friend in office can support the depression going up. However, most people know and always love happiness very much for each step in their life. Happiness is the first top position of people goal why they do many activities and sacrifice to get it. An interesting thing which is really misunderstood is about the correlation between our happiness and performance in our work and life. Happiness actually contributes an unpredictable result relating the driving performance. Research shows that while someone work with a positive thinking or mid-set, performance, productivity, creativity, engagement, will improve.
Researchers Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener have found strong evidence of directional causality between life satisfaction and successful business result. They have done research in a meta-analysis of 225 academic studies. Another general misconception is that our genetically circumstances, our environment, or a combination of them could determine how happy we are. The habits you do, the way you communicate with others, how you think about stress – all these can be managed to increase your happiness and your opportunity of success.

ImageDevelop New Habits
Greek philosopher Aristotle taught the following about habits: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” It shows us that a good habit will support the betterment in our life a lot and so does another around. Like practicing a gym, when we want to practice muscle to be stronger, our brain will also develop as we want to sharpen it by a routinely habit. Habit is about how often we do these things without any pressure and fear. If happiness can be covered when we do our habit, it means happiness had become habitual. The next question is how to cultivate new habits. Patience and repetition are the main keys to improve habit. We can take many new activities to be habits to cultivate. However, see to it that you don’t attempt to realize all at once. So, you should do a small thing until a confidence captures yourself. Then, you can take the bigger one step by step. Visualize your life with the new habit. Think about the benefits you are going to achieve with your new habit. This image will make your mind eager to adopt the new habit and hence it will be easier and faster to form the habit.

Nurture Others
Basically, we are a social human as in economic aspects teaching us. We are related each other and can’t beImage separated anywhere and anytime. Each people will interact in almost their activity. It can’t be lost as we want to live alone without any help from others. It is exactly opportunity for nurturing others. According to happines which supports our creativity and efficiency in working, by nurturing others or coworkers is a good treatment how to create happiness. However, competition among us is always there and it will enhance the employee performance how to be better than other employees. It is not about how to better than others, another way around how to help coworkers for becoming a better one. This relationship will bind relationship among employee stronger. The impacts are teamwork can enhance, well communication, creating a golden partnership, and will produce more profits for the company. Nurturing others will not create harms for our self; it will make us being better by others eyes and we are like a good role model. Hence, we hope our activity can influence others to do a same thing.

Change Your Ralationship with Stress
Stress always attacks everyone in any conditions, within pressure or not. Small boring conditions even create a stress in our self. It is like how we change our sight by a little degree to see the negative becoming positive one. Logically, it will be about how good you are in controlling your stress. A small stress can diminish all your plans that you have planned for a long time. People sometimes sweet small stuffs. Small things are just small things that we can short cut without many attentions. Just let it goes and take more important to concern. We as human have a limitation to do something. So, it is hoped you just accept the things you can’t change. Your ability is limited and it will be better to do your expert sector. In addition, you have a lot of timer for having fun and relaxation. You can take a short trip with family, just watch a film, or play with your pets at home. Many things you can do to kill your stress. The most important thing is healthy life. Food and drink consumptions you consume everyday will give impact in your regulation system and affect your feeling. By decreasing the amount of sugar or caffeine will be better to create a great heart. Many exercises also give a good nutrition and a wider road for blood to your brain. Moreover, you can think positively every day without any stresses that are ready to disturb yourself. You will live happier with less stress.

In 2008 study by Gallup Healthways shows for companies, happy employees mean better-line results. Employees who score low in “life satisfaction,” a rigorously tested and widely accepted metric, stay at home an average of 1.25 more days a month. That translates into decrease in productivity of 15 days a year.
Jennifer George and Kenneth Bettenhausen in a study of service departments, have found the employees who score high in life satisfaction are more likely to obtain high earning from customers. Moreover, researchers at Gallup found that retail stores that scored higher on employee life satisfaction generated $21 more in earnings per square foot of space than the other stores, creating $32 million in additional profit for the whole chain.
To sum up, life satisfaction of someone can establish yhe betterment for their performance, creativity, engagement, and efficiency. According to many researches that show us how they relate each other between happiness and the quality of our selves. Just do three things above to achieve positive intelligence, hence we can contribute well in maximizing profit of company.

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About lukmanforindonesia
My name Lukman Hakim I am Indonesian.... Just THINK POSITIVELY everyday and see what will happen.....

2 Responses to Power of Positive Intelligence

  1. marsaws says:

    In life choices will always come up; Set up the life or life will set you up!
    Really nice thoughts, Lukman 😀

  2. anisthoha says:

    Great, I have never seen before, an inspirational article that written by young man like you. Yeah, I experience that feelings. Absolutely, you’re right, we have to reduce the stress. Less stress is better. Do what our best because we’re not perfect (exactly, we have some disadvantages). I just struggle to implement some way, like what you mention. It works! Thank’s

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