Save Energy, Save the Next Generation

EECCHI: Save Energy, Save the Next Generation

On October 15th 2011, Sampoerna School of Business’ campus had one event at Auditorium. The program with theme “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia Seminar” isthe event that holds by Green Business which is a branch of SSB Business Club. Seminar also supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia. Read more of this post

Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar is one of the best goods for investment. It is because the prices of gold bar always grow up as the time goes by.  Dinar dirham is also good thing for infestation because it contains the elements of gold. But in Islam religion dinar dirham is prohibited for stockpiled because dinar dirham is buying and selling tools. In this case gold is more recommended if you want to hoard something for investment. Gold Bar and dinar dirham have advantages and disadvantages. Read more of this post

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