Bintang Kecil (Little Star)

Sahabat motivasi pasti tau kan lagu anak – anak yang berjudul “Bintang Kecil”karya Ismail Marzuki??

kalo pada tau , nyanyi bareng bareng yuu,,

Bintang kecil di langit yang biru

Amat banyak menghias angkasa

Aku ingin terbang dan menari

Jauh tinggi ke tempat kau berada Read more of this post

Applications of Linear Equations

Learn procedures for solving applied problems.

 Procedure for Solving Applied Problems

Step 1  Read the problem as many times as needed to understand it thoroughly. Pay close attention to the questions asked to help identify the quantity the variable should represent.

Step 2  Assign a variable to represent the quantity you are looking for, and, when necessary, express all other unknown quantities in terms of this variable. Frequently, it is helpful to draw a diagram to illustrate the problem or to set up a table to organize the information. Read more of this post

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