Cash is Still King

Nowadays, people think that cash isn’t really needed, because paying with some money seems like an ancient thing. Credit card or debit card might be the alternative when people have to buy clothes or daily needs. Besides credit card, there are many ways how the people choose their transaction method. For example, Blackberry smart phones or Android had been completed with the applications which simplify the owner when they must pay anything off. Yet, there are still many reasons that cash is always used.

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7 Tips to become a Great Investor!

There are some ways you need to consider, before start investing.

1. Create your Goal
Before investing, you have to set up your goal. For instance, you invest for house property. Do not mess it up with another thing you want to do. Focus on one thing!

2. Set up a period of time
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Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar vs. Dinar Dirham

Gold bar is one of the best goods for investment. It is because the prices of gold bar always grow up as the time goes by.  Dinar dirham is also good thing for infestation because it contains the elements of gold. But in Islam religion dinar dirham is prohibited for stockpiled because dinar dirham is buying and selling tools. In this case gold is more recommended if you want to hoard something for investment. Gold Bar and dinar dirham have advantages and disadvantages. Read more of this post

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