Power of Positive Intelligence

Nowadays, many people who are in depression condition caused of many reasons in their family, work, business, even daily life. It might be because the pressure of work or many deadlines they have to accomplish at certain times. In addition, competition among colleagues or close friend in office can support the depression going up. However, most people know and always love happiness very much for each step in their life. Happiness is the first top position of people goal why they do many activities and sacrifice to get it. An interesting thing which is really misunderstood is about the correlation between our happiness and performance in our work and life. Happiness actually contributes an unpredictable result relating the driving performance. Research shows that while someone work with a positive thinking or mid-set, performance, productivity, creativity, engagement, will improve.
Researchers Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener have found strong evidence of directional causality between life satisfaction and successful business result. They have done research in a meta-analysis of 225 academic studies. Another general misconception is that our genetically circumstances, our environment, or a combination of them could determine how happy we are. The habits you do, the way you communicate with others, how you think about stress – all these can be managed to increase your happiness and your opportunity of success.

ImageDevelop New Habits
Greek philosopher Aristotle taught the following about habits: “We are what we repeatedly do. Read more of this post


              Everyone wants to get a good financial in all aspects, especially in family needs. They want asset growing up and came into a legacy to children. The only way is how to manage family wealth maximally. We also ever have known a story about a figure of rich family where it is on the top of career with a galore wealth. However, in the rest of life the family starts to lose its wealth, even has to borrow money to the colleagues for the family head’s health. Read more of this post

Indonesia Makes Change Through Entrepreneurship

Indonesia makes change through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurships are a word that always refers to person who has his/her own business. However, entrepreneurships are more than that. Entrepreneurship is a spirit that every entrepreneur has, which is the spirit to make something new or something different with other people and the spirit that entrepreneur has in order to develop not only for them personally but also for others. Every entrepreneur believes that he or she can stand by their own shoes and they believe that what are they doing will give big contribution for the society and for Republic of Indonesia. This essay will discuss why entrepreneurships is very important for Indonesia in the future, the environment that Indonesia has towards entrepreneurships, benefits and challenges that are facing by Indonesian young entrepreneurs, and the possible solutions to make the young entrepreneurs more successful. Read more of this post

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