Everyone wants to get a good financial in all aspects, especially in family needs. They want asset growing up and came into a legacy to children. The only way is how to manage family wealth maximally. We also ever have known a story about a figure of rich family where it is on the top of career with a galore wealth. However, in the rest of life the family starts to lose its wealth, even has to borrow money to the colleagues for the family head’s health. Read more of this post


Bintang Kecil (Little Star)

Sahabat motivasi pasti tau kan lagu anak – anak yang berjudul “Bintang Kecil”karya Ismail Marzuki??

kalo pada tau , nyanyi bareng bareng yuu,,

Bintang kecil di langit yang biru

Amat banyak menghias angkasa

Aku ingin terbang dan menari

Jauh tinggi ke tempat kau berada Read more of this post

Efficiency in Business

Based on the words itself, efficiency  is a measure of the success achieved in the performance of a task. (see:

It has the same meaning with leverage, while leverage is comes from the word lever. Which is in the ancient french it means make something lighter. In the reality, this meaning has covered the efficiency word also.

Using particular ways, a quite hard job could be even easier with a brief time, and no need an extra power.

In business, efficiency is a must. Efficiency is all the things that we need to concern in business. Concern in  reducing the cost of production and increasing the profit.

Below is one of the company that has been succeed in applying efficiency in their business strategy. Read more of this post

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