What Is Type of Data Collection in Statistic?

Statistics is the study of the organization, calculation, analysis, and the property of data.  Statistics never escapes from the use of data because data is one of the main substantial of statistics. Statistics includes the discipline knowledge and science in getting interpretation from data. Some of them create forecasts even the calculation from specific formula. Data is the smallest unit of statistical learning. Data is like a cell that can lives by their selves. However, cell can live alone without any kind of organisms.  So does the data which have any meaning and contributes information. However, the data will be more meaningful if it is managed and organized well. Data shows information and values for statistical calculation and then interpreted to get the result of statistics. Data can be organized structurally by making a table, histogram, graph, or any type of visualization data. Data helps everyone understanding what the meaning of number or formulas is. It makes clear the definition of a theorem or make easy in rearranging the data table. Read more of this post

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