Promising Growth of Entrepreneurship in Indonesia and Opportunity for Young Entrepreneur

By: Anis Thoha Manshur ( Management Marketing Student Sampoerna School of Business )

Nowadays Entrepreneurship had become one of economic growth indicator in some developing or emerging countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, India, Mexico and China. It is undoubted because entrepreneurship gave many advantages like job creation that can reduce unemployment, so that it will bring positive impact for Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  In Indonesia the growth of Entrepreneurship is quite promising, it reflected from this year Indonesia’s economic growth that stay at rate of six percent. It was good achievement that place Indonesia as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Although the rate of Indonesia entrepreneur is lies around one percent, below entrepreneur rate in other country such as Singapore which rate is seven percent and twelve percent in United States. However, it was not comparable rate of entrepreneur because each country has different population, especially for Indonesia who has huge population of more than two hundred millions people. Take a look at the growth of start up in Indonesia and the success story of Indonesia entrepreneur; it was the fact that becomes the evidence of promising entrepreneur growth. There are several good evidence of entrepreneur growth in Indonesia that can leads good signal and opportunity for young entrepreneur to boost their entrepreneur soul to start and growth their business. Read more of this post

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