The Three Most Important Challenges Indonesian Managers Face Today

Indonesia is a rich country which have large biodiversity and human resources. A lot of big companies have been operated in this country. According to Forbes Global 2000 on 2009, six Indonesian companies listed into the world’s 2000 largest companies. They are PT Telkom, Bank Central Asia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Bumi Resources, and Bank Nasional Indonesia. In their success, there must be a good manager who takes an important role in carrying out their functions in the company and it is not achieved without obstacles and challenges. Besides, Indonesia is an archipelago country which has many developing countries problems. Here is the three most important challenges Indonesian managers face today.

The first important challenge is responsibility towards the environment. A good manager should concern about this matter because Indonesia has a large natural resources without educated human resources who understand about the effects of over natural exploitation. Buyat Bay pollution case in North Sulawesi is a good example which can cover of this problem. Since 1996, Newmont Mining Corporation used this bay as the place of mining waste from gold mining activities. In 2004, local society in that area protested some unusual health problems and suspected Newmont violated mining waste levels rules with contaminating the area with hazardous materials. WALHI, non-governmental environmental activist, claimed that Newmont stockpiled 2,000 tons of tailings into the bay every day. Finally, in 2004, that mining activities closed while the environmental monitoring continued until the year 2008. Therefore, as a good manager, we should answer yes to this challenge. It means that we need to improve our environmental knowledge to run our business in Indonesia. Don’t let the business activities pollute our environment. It would be better if our business can help conservation of damaged natural resources, such as reforestation. Read more of this post

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