GADGET GUIDE: Nokia C5 vs. iPhone 3GS

Why do people buy iPhone? Why do you want to buy iPhone? That is a simple question to show off or to show everybody that you’re able to own an iPhone. Well, we can answer that we want to buy iPhone because its features and design, right? WRONG! In fact, you still can get a better feature from a cheaper phone, like Nokia C5. To get it clear, let’s take a look at their comparison below.

Nokia C5 iPhone 3GS
Support flash Yes No
Real FM Radio (without streaming) with RDS Yes No
Decent GPS with native software Yes No
FOTA – Firmware Over The Air Yes No
Can be used as torch (built in LED) Yes No
Camera on front side Yes No
Can take panorama photo (without apps) Yes No
Replaceable battery Yes No
Video Calling Yes No
CPU Speed 600 MHz 600 MHz
Standby time 603 Hours 300 Hours
Music Playback 34 Hours 30 Hours
Video Playback 11 Hours 10 Hours
3G Call 5 Hours 5 Hours
Camera 5mp with flash LED 3mp without flash LED
Initial price $177 $699

After watching the table, comes question. So, why people still buying iPhone, when they can buy Nokia C5 with better features? The answer is: because the iPhone’s marketer is GOOD! The way they give the service to the customers, the way they promote, the way they introduce iPhone, is just brilliant. You see, because of these brilliant marketers, iPhone can beat Nokia in the market. Hail marketing, without marketing iPhone won’t survive and Nokia will be the ‘king’. How the marketers do such a brilliant action in the market? Well, you can find the answer in the marketing class.

But still, be smart in buying gadget okay? See for the best features with the lowest price, except if you’re a type of gadget-show-off guy iPhone is just fine for you.

Mochammad Feisal Permana

Sampoerna School of Business

Management 2011

3 Responses to GADGET GUIDE: Nokia C5 vs. iPhone 3GS

  1. anisthoha says:

    Smart comparison bro. The specification of Nokia C5 even better than iPhone. I didn’t realize it before. However, the reason of people who buy iPhone is the price and the luxury, yeah it is about Lifestyle.

  2. marsaws says:

    Well, a pretty nice comparison.. Consumer’s insight is one of a complicated thing, but Apple can done it very well..

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