Philanthropy vs. Business: One Step Further to Face the Fact

Adapted from: (October 21, 2012) – Vietnamese Restaurants Turn Philanthropy into Business

“What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you.”

– Oprah Winfrey [1] [1954-present]’s quote in her “O Magazine

philanthropy vs. business

Philanthropy may improve and enhance human beings

An important thing that should be considered as the focal point when we come up with a topic which is concentrated on “how to make this short-life becoming useful to others”; here we are talking about how often are we in giving our owns to others compared to how big have others gave their owns to us as well. Relating back to the economic issues nowadays, most of them is telling us that it is impossible for a business to become the successful one without keeping a watch on its environment. Again, it is undeniable that social norms such as empathy, compassion, awareness, responsibility and so forth, take a significant part even in business world. Read more of this post

Indonesia Makes Change Through Entrepreneurship

Indonesia makes change through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurships are a word that always refers to person who has his/her own business. However, entrepreneurships are more than that. Entrepreneurship is a spirit that every entrepreneur has, which is the spirit to make something new or something different with other people and the spirit that entrepreneur has in order to develop not only for them personally but also for others. Every entrepreneur believes that he or she can stand by their own shoes and they believe that what are they doing will give big contribution for the society and for Republic of Indonesia. This essay will discuss why entrepreneurships is very important for Indonesia in the future, the environment that Indonesia has towards entrepreneurships, benefits and challenges that are facing by Indonesian young entrepreneurs, and the possible solutions to make the young entrepreneurs more successful. Read more of this post

A Brief Outlook of 10 Years Indonesia`s Inflationary Pressure

                  As South East Asia`s largest economy, Indonesia is recently enjoying strong economic growth and betterment of macroeconomic fundamental in response to domestic consumers led-economy. However, there is still main concern now for Indonesia Bank and other emerging-market central banks in balancing their economic growth namely Inflationary pressure which is likely to persist as growth forecasts for this country remains high.
The major issue of 10 years Indonesia`s headline inflation is the domination of the impact of supply side prices, especially from volatile food prices and administered prices. Concerning Rapid growth in the emerging market economy like Indonesia, global commodity prices are greatly essential, driven by food prices, its CPI on average was 13.26 % in the past 10 years (Trading Economics, 2012). Even though there is still huge pressure from commodity prices particularly rising food prices which worsen inflationary expectations in this country, its core inflation which excludes administered prices and volatile foods has been relatively stable below 4 % on average.       Read more of this post

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