Save Energy, Save the Next Generation

EECCHI: Save Energy, Save the Next Generation

On October 15th 2011, Sampoerna School of Business’ campus had one event at Auditorium. The program with theme “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia Seminar” isthe event that holds by Green Business which is a branch of SSB Business Club. Seminar also supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia.

The seminar taken place as around three hours, with five sections including welcome speech given by the Project Officer which is Yonanda Dinata, to be continued by seminar from EECCHI team. There are many quizzes within the seminar, and EECCHI gave prizes for those of SSB student who answered question with the right answer, of course. Due to it, all of participants looked enthusiastic and did not feel bored at all. After EECCHI team finished giving materials of seminar, they gave some souvenir to our Project Officer as symbolic, followed by awarding a placat for EECCHI. This event that presented by 140 SSB students was end at 12 am, then all of us got lunch before prayed Dzuhur prayer. Although the seminar started late because some students came late, but it well done in general, also SSB students got many advantages by attending this seminar. EECCHI has opened our eyes about the importance of saving energy in every simple way, because in fact, less energy use means we help the government to allocate million money for million people live better and we could save more energy remaining for the next generations by using energy wisely.visit for more information.

Rizka Regina Dewi

Sampoerna School of Business

Accounting 2010

About dimasachmad
Me is just ordinary person like others who always love ALLAH SWT and my family| Student at Sampoerna School of Business.

One Response to Save Energy, Save the Next Generation

  1. marsaws says:

    That was a great seminar. I hope we’ll have that kinda of seminar again in the future 🙂

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